Erm, cough, ‘Hello’, cough  . . . .  (shuffling onto stage apologetically) . . . . I am still alive and apologies this has been an empty space for so so long but . . . . . .

a)      I have been riding my bike a lot!

b)      Central Asia is ıncredibly distracting and incredible

c)       The internet connections here are fewer and slower so also offer a perfect excuse!

d)      You spend a lot more time on the toilet in these parts – I have named them the Stan Stomach Sorties )SSS for short) and it’s a part of the journey through central Asia than no one seems to have avoided!



To bring you up to speed, before I get down to full-blown blog updates  . . . . .

I cycled through Uzbekistan along the ancient silk roads, through deserts, ecological disasters, police check points, lush green river banks, ancient cities, an ex-soviet metropolis and into Tajikistan. This took me up into the mountains, through the tunnel of death, back down some mountains, to paradise in Dushanbe (that was marred by SSS ), back up into the mountains, to the heart of Pamiri hospitality (via 4 bottles of vodka), along the river border with Afghanistan, further up into the mountains, onto a plateau on the ‘roof of the world’, higher than ı have ever been before over mountain passes of 4000m+ , sneaking across a hole in the Chinese border fence and back down again into a whole new world.

So right now I am in Osh in the south west of Kyrgyzstan, resting a little, daily vowing to share a bit of the last few months with you and hatching a plan for the road ahead. And before anyone panics – Carra is here too, a little more battered but still holding together! I promise I’ll tell you all about it soon . . . . . just after I have finished these stretches!!!


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Still nice to follow your journey! What are your planes now? Did you achieve to get chineese visa??? We are now in Almaty: maybe we will have chance to meet you in China!


    1. No chinese visa for me – I stop in Bishkek and fly back to Istanbul for the winter. Maybe china next year. Will be following you for ideas though! safe pedaling 🙂


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