Test ride and the road to Sinop

2 thoughts on “Test ride and the road to Sinop

  1. A pleasure to read and follow you… Hope you enjoy your news feet;-) What’s your plans for the next months (take care of the sun ;-(…)???
    It was very funny cause by chance we met Guillaume in Boukhara… 😉 We are now in Dushambe going soon in the pamirs…. We enjoy!!!! We think oftently to you, take care!!! French Kisses, Anna &Guillain


    1. Hello, very good to hear from you 🙂 My plan is to head for Samarkand and then see what happens! My new feet and your old paniers are going very well but the sunburn has started already!! ı saw from Guillaume that you guys enjoyed a beer together and I was jealous!! safe pedalling et bonne route to you, bisous, Raz


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