Blog photos pause

I don’t know if it’s an issue with the app I’m using or my wordpress account but I am currently unable to upload any more photos, so for now it will just be text based. Will fill in the visual gaps when I make it back home sometime in November. Stay safe and healthy in … More Blog photos pause

Hi Hiiumaa

Docking in Heltermaa on the eastern side of the island there was a brief flurry of traffic as cars and trucks rolled off the ferry and disappeared down the road. A few on-coming vehicles hurried to catch the return sailing and then the peace and quiet set in. I pedalled for a couple of hours … More Hi Hiiumaa

From Apple pie to an Arsehole – leaving Mongolia

The first few days in Ulaanbataar were spent running the paper chase needed to get everything together for my Chinese visa. Happily I had also managed to coincide our stop in the city with some travelling friends from my time in Georgia – which inevitably lead to my first hangover in several months. After a … More From Apple pie to an Arsehole – leaving Mongolia