Some links to other people I have met on the road or other people I have been told about elsewhere in the world or generally things I like and want you to share  . . . . . . .

A fellow Brit farting around (the world) on a bike

A Polish Couple on a mission on bikes

An Australian couple traveling overland from Poland to Australia and having a blast and giving you great travel tips along the way
The Neva River.

A German couple cycling half the world

Polish longboarder skating and traveling with Adam Krzysztof Hiob Araszkiewicz

Hitchhiking, couchsurfing, work exchanging and following a dream

A non-stop dance journey through Britain for charity

An epic adventure on foot captured in selfie

One man dancing with many people around the world

A great read about a solo journey by foot across Africa

One man attempting to walk around the world

Sarah Outen’s single -handed loop around the planet by kayak, bike and row boat (human power around the world)

TED talk by Sarah Outen about inspirational passer-by who joined her on the road in China 

Please support these amazing charities in whatever way you can. They do great work for great causes and every bit of help counts



marie curie



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