2 thoughts on “Bike-cam

  1. Oh yeh!! thats what I want to see. I thought for a minute, you were going to pull into the petrol station, but thought that’d be dumb, as you don’t run on petrol. then I thought you’d fallen off, but actually you just moved the camera down to see your legs….good footage. watch out for them big arse lorries! keep spinning them legs. love from wet cornwall- (was the sea shanties this weekend, oodles of true beer/cider drinking hearty jollies! betty had her flashing nipples out) x tasha


  2. actually I do a lot of stopping at petrol stations – they have toilets, sometimes a camping spot or free wi-fi, often free tea or cold drink and the other day buy-one-get-one free on corneto ice cream (which made me feel a bit sick) 🙂 but sadly no sea shanties or cider or flashing nipples !!


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