Walking, Riding, Writing . . .

In January 2012 I was just about to turn 30, I had been working as a chef for nearly 10 years and I made a big decision. I left my home and life in Cornwall, UK and challenged myself to walk to Istanbul.  It was one of the hardest and most amazing things I have done in my life and you can see more about it here  www.offexploring.com/nicraz. 

I succeeded in walking the 4500km across Europe and when I got to Istanbul, I liked it, I stayed for a bit, then I started to miss the road and all the people I met along it. So I bought a bicycle in Spring 2013 and carried on east – all the way to the Chinese border in fact. 

I returned to Istanbul late in 2013, living and working in the city again as I began to make the move into travel writing to support further adventures. By the summer of 2015 the road was calling again and I set out from Istanbul once more to continue my wandering and writing. This time the road took me all the way to China via more of Turkey, a winter in Georgia, Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia and into the heart of the Middle Kingdom. And there are plenty of stories here.


🙂 Raz


6 thoughts on “Walking, Riding, Writing . . .

      1. the Uzbekistan consulate in Baku is a Reds fan! And it’s not possible to bike alone with all the cyclists I’ve met here waiting to cross the Caspian!


      1. Give yourself a few weeks. And learn to power down to shorter distance or day off.

        You will love cycling.Trust me.


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