Endless roads in Kazakhstan and why you should never trust a Consulate!

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world and when you try and cross a third of it by bike it certainly feels like it. Three years previously I had spent about 2 weeks in the far west of the country riding on pre-asphalt construction roads and tracks from Aktau to the Uzbekistan border in … More Endless roads in Kazakhstan and why you should never trust a Consulate!

Leaving Kyrgyzstan

On May 19th, the morning I was finally leaving the home from home that At House guesthouse had become, I woke up to my alarm at 6am feeling as if I hadn’t slept a wink. My last night had coincided with another long-term inhabitant’s departure, despite the unexpected extra month for preparation there were still … More Leaving Kyrgyzstan

Back to Bishkek

It is 2 1/2 years since I was last in Bishkek, and at Manas airport at 5am local time it felt somewhat surreal to be back. Gold teeth shone out from the mouths of the passport control guards as they looked me directly in the eye and made a detailed comparison between my bedraggled facial … More Back to Bishkek

Always leaving

On the eve of another adventure I have the mixed feelings of leaving and starting again, goodbyes and hellos, what I leave behind and what lies ahead. All of which is nicely summed up in this quote I just came across.

Caucasian Wanderings

In between working at the hostel, tapping away at the keyboard turning my walking journals and memories in to the beginnings of a book, and exploring Tbilisi, I took some short trips to see more of Georgia and neighbouring Armenia. Transport is pretty well organized, cheap and relatively easy to use, despite the slightly chaotic … More Caucasian Wanderings