#B2BBT – Scratching the itch to be back on the road again

Wow it’s been a long time since I posted anything cycle tour related here. What a different world we have since I was struggling my way out of Mongolia 4 years ago. So a quick catch up on what I was up to in the interim: I spent a couple more months bumbling my way through China, packed everything up to move to Germany to live with my girlfriend, infected her with the cycling bug, taught English for 3 ½ years, taught myself some bike mechanics, got accepted for an internship at a bike shop in Vienna, survived the first wave of Coronavirus and the onslaught it had on the bike industry (we sold a bike every 20 minutes for about 3 weeks!) and accepted a permanent position with the awesome United in Cycling.

So awesome infact, that they have given me 2 months off to ride a compressed version of what I am calling the Bollocks-to-Brexit-Bike-Trip #B2BBT. The original plan was to ride back to the UK after my internship finished on a route that took me through as many EU countries which I had not yet visited as possible, to enjoy my travel freedom as a (transitioning) EU citizen one last time.

I am currently in the last hours of my train and bus trip north from Vienna to Tallinn. From where I will head off along the Baltic coast and try to make it back to work for mid-November. My good old friend Raven has been completely rebuilt and pimped out, and 2 wheels will become 4 in Riga when Miriam joins me for October.

I’m very excited to be back out on the road, even more excited to be riding with the one I love and looking forward to bollocksing some Brexit whenever possible !

Here’s Raven’s remake in photos:

3 thoughts on “#B2BBT – Scratching the itch to be back on the road again

  1. Hi Raz!
    Great to read all that good news!
    Raven’s new look…
    Finding an interesting job…
    Hitting the road again…
    Being joined by your girlfriend…
    Did you win the lottery as well? 😊
    Enjoy your trip!
    Stay safe!
    And don’t forget to stock up on chocolate raisins when you find them. 😊
    (Tip: have you heard about the Swamp Thing Trail?( = an off road north-south route through Estonia))


    1. Lottery thoroughly won! The swamp thing sounds like a bug infested hell ride – want to recreate northern Mongolia (exchanging sand and rocks for swamp) and give it a go!?!€


  2. Hey Raz!
    I’m so excited to see you and Raven back on track! Wish your way come across Çıralı sometime again, many friends here miss you.
    Jurgen, yücel and I had a little celebration when we see this post. :))
    And thanks for writing again.
    Cheers dear, Have fun!


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