#B2BBT – Scratching the itch to be back on the road again

Wow it’s been a long time since I posted anything cycle tour related here. What a different world we have since I was struggling my way out of Mongolia 4 years ago. So a quick catch up on what I was up to in the interim: I spent a couple more months bumbling my way through China, packed everything up to move to Germany to live with my girlfriend, infected her with the cycling bug, taught English for 3 ½ years, taught myself some bike mechanics, got accepted for an internship at a bike shop in Vienna, survived the first wave of Coronavirus and the onslaught it had on the bike industry (we sold a bike every 20 minutes for about 3 weeks!) and accepted a permanent position with the awesome United in Cycling.

So awesome infact, that they have given me 2 months off to ride a compressed version of what I am calling the Bollocks-to-Brexit-Bike-Trip #B2BBT. The original plan was to ride back to the UK after my internship finished on a route that took me through as many EU countries which I had not yet visited as possible, to enjoy my travel freedom as a (transitioning) EU citizen one last time.

I am currently in the last hours of my train and bus trip north from Vienna to Tallinn. From where I will head off along the Baltic coast and try to make it back to work for mid-November. My good old friend Raven has been completely rebuilt and pimped out, and 2 wheels will become 4 in Riga when Miriam joins me for October.

I’m very excited to be back out on the road, even more excited to be riding with the one I love and looking forward to bollocksing some Brexit whenever possible !

Here’s Raven’s remake in photos:

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